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It was that firm voice she heard that brought her to a momentary stillness. “GO,” the powerful voice commanded. The rug slipped from her fingers as she turned, and stiffly walked through the mounting smoke toward the front door.

How Yah Handled a Stumbler

I’m pretty sure stumbling off Yahuah’s path was invented by me. Oh, you know that’s just silly hyperbole, but have you ever felt weighed down by your past? A friend recently asked me privately if I’d share my life’s journey with her. I began,… Continue Reading “How Yah Handled a Stumbler”

Why We Believe it’s Time to Come Out of Babylon

What does the WORD say about choosing the lesser of two evils, or compromising your morals and values because part of something seems good?

Do Not Fear Death!

Fear brings one to their knees in submissiveness to the situation – or drives them submissively into Yahuah’s will.

Leaving the City …

There was no turning back now. Worldwide,
everyone’s lives changed dramatically. The “old” world, as we knew it, began to change profoundly.

Ancient Words for A Modern World

“But I judge each of you according to your deeds,” says Yahuah

We Struggle against the World-Rulers of the Darkness of This Age

HOW OUR LEADERS SHOULD TREAT US “And, masters [people of authority], DO THE SAME TO THEM. ♦ Refrain from threatening, knowing that YOUR MASTER also is in the heavens, and there is no partiality with Him.” Ephesians 6:9 HOW WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD REACT… Continue Reading “We Struggle against the World-Rulers of the Darkness of This Age”